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When you are in need of an adhesive that will bond to plastic, turn to Plastics Plus Ltd. We offer effective Weld-On® adhesives, which are developed to provide a strong hold that will last. If you have any questions about adhesion concerning any one of our products, feel free to contact us.

  • Weld-On #3 1/4 Pint Size Clear Water Thin Adhesive

    Weld-On #3 1/4 Pint Size Clear Water Thin Adhesive

    Weld on 3 is water thin, and requires a special applicator for accurate and even distribution.
    Weld on 3 is often referred to as "glue" but actually it is a mild solvent, melting the plastic, and boding the pieces together. 
    Can be used for repaired, however bonds would not be seamless.
    Still not quite sure how to use it? Come on in and when you purchase your product we are more than happy to give you tips and advice!
    Need something that is thicker? Try Weld on 16

    Contact us today for details!
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