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Plastics Plus Ltd

FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) Panels

FRP wall panels are an easy to clean sheet consisting of a uniform mat of high strength glass fibres. These fibreglass sheets are commonly used as wall and ceiling protection panels in applications for agricultural uses, food service areas, hospitals/long term care facilities, and sports and recreation centres.

  • FRP Panel 96" White Standard Inside Corner

    FRP Panel 96" White Standard Inside Corner

    8' inside corners are best used with 8' sheets, but are easy to cut down to what ever size you require.

    Made to fit  our factory direct FRP

    All trim can be ordered to match coloured FRP as well! 

    Coloured FRP and trim may be custom order, if you don't see the colour you would like, please contact us with:

    1. Colour

    2. Size

    3. Quantities.

    Contact us today for details!

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