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Polyethylene (Puckboard)

Puckboard, sometimes called arena board or hockey board, is a versatile, adaptive plastic material. Puckboard is tough, resilient, and will take a beating without cracking or breaking.

You can contact us at Plastics Plus Ltd. to receive an estimate on our puckboard sheeting.

  • Puckboard 4' x 8' x 1/8" Black

    Puckboard 4' x 8' x 1/8" Black

    Puckboard 4' x 8' x 3mm  Black

    Puckboard is also known as “HDPE” or “High Density Poly Ethylene”

    Ideal uses include:

    Hockey Arenas - for both indoor and outdoor facilities (outdoor may require UV protected sheets available with lead times)

    Sport Facilities - can be used for sports arenas for soccer, squash, etc.

    Animal housing - cattle, horse, hog, goats, sheep, rabbits, fish, dogs, cats, etc.(Barns and Kennels prefer Puckboard)

    Wash Bays and other areas that require and easy to clean surface ---> click here for trim that CAN be used with puckboard

    Ice huts, structures, wall protection liners, etc.

    Automotive raceways

    Truck liners

    Wall Covers--> Click here for guidelines supplied to us as per installers.

    Slides and snowboarding ramps

    Sled runners and mud deflectors

    Anything in general where you need an easy to clean surface

    It’s a “soft” plastic making it a superior plastic for impact resistance, easy to cut at home, and flexible in varying degrees, within certain thicknesses.

    It is suggested that there are NO glues or paints on the market that will adhere to HDPE, which makes it ideal uses where slippery surfaces are needed such as concrete forming.

    Would you prefer to have someone else do all the heavy lifting, and installation of your new rink, or wall protection? Contact us today for pricing details!

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